Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Updates

For the past week I've been working on a bundle of projects, including Ravi, Deep Water, Beekeeper's Quilt, and the Flowers of Fall Wreath. I try to work on each of them a little bit every day to keep up momentum. My goal is to get the yokes on both sweaters done by the 15th so that (hopefully) the last two weeks of September will be mindless knitting of the body section.

I'm using the Japanese Short Row method but with bobby pins. I really like how little extra yarn it uses. I think I'll be using this method for short row projects from now on! Much easier and nicer looking than the traditional wrap and turn and then pick them up later method.

Almost done with the yoke! A few more wedges to go and then it will be time to pick up stitches.

Loving the Mossay color. The lace section is pretty tight right now, but I think it will block out to a pretty section. I keep seeing me wearing this sweater on our yearly outing to get pumpkins. But, if it is too cold that day, I can turn to Deep Water...

Here is Deep Water in all her glory. She is a few repeats from the divide for sleeves section. A simple top-down knit and it is so REFRESHING after completing two pieced sweaters, the pieced animal farm, and the pieced block blankets. This sweater is so nice and soft out of the eco alpaca. The front is full on both fronts so it should be extra warm. If our winter is like last year, it will be worn as a jacket. And, I just love seed stitch. It was one of the first stitches I learned and I love the routine of it and the finished look--so simple and yet so classic.

I went on a button search for these two sweaters on Friday. First up was in my button stash. Well, that is getting to be pretty sad. I suppose that means I've done a good job of using up what I had. There just wasn't anything I liked with these knits. Off I went to the antique shop down the road. There are two booths that regularly stock vintage buttons for cheap cheap. Alas, nothing this time to my liking. Nothing online I liked. Ugh...thank goodness for Hancock Fabrics. I found these buttons that I think will be perfect.

It is hard to see, but these green buttons are sort of pearlized. They pop with the green of Ravi. The black buttons are for Deep Water and should allow me to wear it with all sorts of outfits (a consideration in case it must be said jacket)!

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