Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Knitter's Block

The past few weeks have found me feeling a bit out of sorts. This always seems to happen during the change of the seasons. I have horrible fall allergies and despise winter weather, so despite the fact that I do like autumn, I feel physically run down and mentally uninspired. I've been distracted from designing and creating my own "original" works, so I've been knitting from other people's patterns a lot. I was feeling all down about this when my SIL pointed out that it is similar to a writer's block. Best way to  get over that? Keep I'm going to use my knitting from patterns and not designing as a "keep on keeping on" type of approach.

In the meantime, I'm reminding myself that fall and winter also means college basketball! Football, nah, not my thing. Baseball, I'm happy to attend with Patrick as it makes him so happy and I don't dislike it. Basketball, specifically college basketball, is my sport of choice. IU calendar is marked on my iPhone and I'm already plotting where we will watch various games. AND, what should arrive in the mail yesterday? This rather large brown box was broken down and taped around the contents. Patrick hands it to me with a big smile on his face. After cutting away the tape, I discovered this IU flower out of old license plates. This will be hanging on our front door throughout the basketball season (minus maybe December for the Christmas season).

You can find these on Etsy and it looks like they can do custom ones for various interests. On a funny side note, the Etsy seller's relative was college roomies with one of our family members. Small world!

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