Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Desk for PK

Patrick spends tons of time in his upstairs office while he does his Pearson work, teaches remotely for IUPUI, and writes his technology and sci-fi books. After looking for a long time at potential desks, we finally both verbalized that we couldn't find what we had in mind because he really wanted something artistic. A friend of ours who lives overseas has two pieces of furniture that he found in art galleries. They both incorporate upcycled items.

So, Patrick sketched up a desk with some ideas of what the various items would be. It includes making a lamp "person" on one corner, a non-conventional drawer, a raised storage system (maybe a birdhouse?), metal legs cemented in boots, etc. You get the idea. Off we went to some local antique stores to see what we could find.

One of the items we were looking for was an old phone for the face of the lamp person. Found it AND it is already wired for the light!!!

This hand-carved wooden fire hydrant (even the chain is carved wood) is hollow in the middle. It will become the body of the lamp.

This little guy will be on there in some fashion. Too bright and fun to pass up.

I picked up this little hot pad holder for the kitchen. Thought it was a cute item.

We are already having lots of fun being artistic together. So much fun to let you imagination run wild. Hopefully, we will find the rest of the items over the next few weeks so that the assembly can be done in September/October and moved in before the winter months take hold. If you are local to us and have any metal pipes or aged wood you need to get rid of, let us know! This is just too much fun!

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