Friday, August 17, 2012

What's On the Needles

For the first time since I started crafting again, which was picking back up crochet when Patrick and I started dating (circa March 1999), I ONLY have one project active. It really feels so wrong and just not natural! Resisting the urge to start something else before finishing this one resulted in the wreath and tea cozy projects, but at least I started and finished them right away.

Here is the project I am working diligently on to finish up for DH:

It is the Baseball Sweater on the front cover of Knits Men Want. This is a fantastic book that I picked up last year (TONS of gauge and size options for every project in the book). When Patrick first picked out the sweater, I knitted the back. Then, I got distracted. Now that I am back on the case, I have the back and 75% of the front done. I hope to have the front and part of the sleeves done this week so that I can finish up the sleeves and seaming next week. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash on a US 6 needle. I am knitting the 44 inch size as instructed except that I am increasing the length in the torso and arms to fit Patrick's frame. My gauge is actually between the 5 and 5.5, but I really needed a 42 so it should all work out. Of course, my Rays loving hubby, picked out two shades of blue for his Baseball sweater. I can't wait to see him wear it this winter as I think it will really bring out his eyes. : )

I do find myself longing for a blanket project. Most people are a certain type of knitter or crocheter. Most people will answer with, "I'm a sweater knitter," or "I'm a hat knitter." Me, well, I'm odd. I love to make sweaters and adore making hats. But, I think I must admit that I love making blankets. Blankets were one of the first things I crocheted and knitted and I still love to make them. I just might have to dive into another crocheted block blanket.

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