Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thick & Warm Socks for the Winter

During my trip to Groovy Girl last week, I picked up some Plymouth worsted merino superwash yarn in orange and brown to knit Patrick some winter socks. On Sunday, as Patrick worked on his next book, I casted on the socks and started knitting away. It was nice to knit with "larger" needles and thicker yarn after knitting the sweater and quilt. The socks are moving right along and I hope to have them done before the 1st when I start my new sweater projects.

US 7 needle
Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash in colors 59 and 27

One of my goals with yarn is to work up what I purchase right away so that I don't continue to add to the stash that I am trying to knit and crochet down to a less embarrassing amount! Over the past few weeks, I used up 11 balls of yarn stash and used up two shopping trips of yarn purchases. Must keep up the trend!

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