Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Farm Update

So we are a week into the Olympics and I have logged lots of hours on the couch watching the events and knitting on the Spud & Chloe farm for E. I had to juggle around the order I planned to make them all when I realized I might now have enough of various colors. It all worked out, though.

I have finished Spud, Chloe, the hay, the buckets, farm cat, farm dog, a portion of the barn, and the fence (not pictured). I'm currently halfway through knitting the cow and then will finish the barn and turn my attention to the pig and lamb. Thus far, I found Spud to both the most time consuming and the cutest. That curly fleece took a bit to make, but isn't he an adorable sheep? I left off his bow tie and such because I thought he was great without it all. Another mod I made from the written pattern was in the hay bales. I didn't realize it called for the bulky weight so I only had worsted. I held it double for one bale and then knitted the other two single stranded on smaller needles (worried about having enough yarn for the cat).

There have been a few bumps due to watching events with a headache and late at night. For instance, the cat has four back paws and the dogs butt got sewn as his front. Really, unless I point it out, you would never know. Having completed all the finishing on them I was NOT going to take it out.

As you can see, both of my "farm dogs" feel right at home with the rest of the animals. I've had to store them all in a bag in the closet on the shelf to make sure they do not become chew toys or Kennedy's babies. Every time I finish one and hold it up for Patrick to see, she gives it an eye that says new toy!

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