Tuesday, August 21, 2012

House Days

After all the major updates we have made to the house, we are down to smaller projects. A closet here, a wall there kind of stuff. This past Sunday was a "house day". The plan was to paint the master closet walls and ceiling and the ceilings in the master bathroom and bedroom. Best laid plans...we ended up with two different whites. I'm not the easiest person when things like that go awry. I REALLY like things completed and clean lines. Poor Patrick had to deal with my idiotic behavior. So, next weekend will, sadly, include another day of our most hated activity.

I did, however, capture a few cute photos of the dogs "helping" out.

Riley staying close to me and watching the action. 

Kennedy hides under the bed during any changes at the house. She came out on the wrong side and walked under the plastic. She stood there looking at us like she was stuck in the spot. It is shrink wrapped Kennedy! Of course, later she managed to come out this way again and caused an entire drink to spill all over the place.

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