Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Little of This and A Little of That

We have been getting the house ready to put on the market at some point. We wanted to get it all updated in time for us to live in it and enjoy the changes, too. Throughout the process, we keep saying that we should have done it all long ago. Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

Thanks to Patrick's family, we have a beautiful new floor downstairs to go along with the new flooring installed last fall upstairs. It was a long and hot weekend, but the boys got it all installed over two days. I find myself sweeping it each day and using the special floor cleaner where the dogs walk. It is super clean and the dogs will either walk along fine or they stand up and struggle to walk. If they struggle at first, then it is like watching them walk on ice.

We also got a new counter in the kitchen, painted all of the downstairs and trim, and rearranged furniture throughout the house to stage the living room and turn the yarn studio into a guest room (sniff). In the midst of all of these updates, there were days when I was sent off to keep the dogs out of the way and safe. While doing this, I would think about how we were going to organize things. I went online to Etsy (of course!) in search of a few kitchen things. I love that you can find cute and inexpensive items to help your sanity.

No more having to guess if someone opened the dishwasher to pull out one clean dish without putting the rest away. Now we just flip the dial!

Storage for all those ugly plastic bags that can take up lots of space. Just pop them in here and pull out from the bottom when you need one. (Note, we only get a few each week to use for our recycling. Otherwise, we are good consumers and use market bags.)

Cute and colorful decorated pins for bag clips. 

Go on...you know you want to run over to Etsy now to check out what you can find!

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