Saturday, July 21, 2012

Painting and the Dresser

Although we aren't fans of painting, we do love the fresh and clean feel of it. As we prepare to try and sell the house next spring, we have been updating the house and that includes lots and lots of fresh paint. We decided to do all the updates now so that we can enjoy the them. These types of things I find frustrating, overwhelming, and unsettling. I like things just so so and everything clean and in a specific place. I can't really say I've been all that pleasant to live with over the last few weeks. (As I type this, we have 33 boxes of hardwood flooring sitting in the front room and 1/2 the trim is painted.) It all makes me want to rip my hair out. BUT, it will all be worth it when the paint is done, the floors are in, and the new kitchen counter is installed.

In the midst of the house updates, I took a look at an old dresser that Patrick inherited. Years ago my MIL gave me permission to paint if I wanted. At the time, I was happy to leave the wood. I noticed before vacation that it really could use some TLC. So, as Patrick was painting the walls, I went to sanding and painting the dresser in the hopes that it would look great and be a functional entertainment center. I am SO happy with the results! The hardware (that I was initially going to replace) was spray painted red. It sort of repelled it a bit and left some of the metal showing. LOVE the result! It has a great little cottage feel to it. AND, because I used leftover paint from the birdhouses and paint we already had for the trim, it was a FREE project.

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