Thursday, July 26, 2012

Olympic Knitting!

Every two years during the Olympics, I set a knitting or crochet goal for myself. I don't usually sign up for any Ravelry teams, but do my own thing. I have never once accomplished my goal. I plan to change that this time around. Here is the goal and it should be a huge challenge (in the spirit of the games).

I am going to try and knit the Spud & Chloe on the Farm for my niece. (It will be her main Christmas present.) Today, as the counter was being installed, I distracted myself by getting it all into center-pull balls and gathering the needles and supplies I will need.

I broke it down into days. I have no idea how realistic or not these are...

  • 7/27-8/30 Chloe and hay
  • 7/31-8/2 Spud and lamb
  • 8/3-8/5 Dog and fence
  • 8/6-8/8 Cow and barn
  • 8/9-8/11 Pigs and buckets
  • 8/12 Cat
  • I'll make the chicks and hens at a later date for Easter. I will NOT be making the mice. Ewww...
I hope that E and J will enjoy playing with them. The reception of giraffe was so positive that I felt like it was worth the effort. I'll be casting on during the opening ceremonies. Are you doing an Olympic challenge? Bring on the gymnastics!

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