Monday, July 9, 2012

Florida Trip: Part IV...Space Center!

One of the only solid things we had planned for this vacation was a trip to the Kennedy Space Center. Patrick is a big scyfy/space/techie/geek fan. When we saw that tropical storm Debby was setting in, we checked out the weather report for the Cape and it was okay for much of the day and the original date we planned was predicted to be awful. So, we got in the car early that day and drove over. It was the PERFECT day to go because most people didn't want to chance it and it didn't start raining until we were leaving. No lines, easy to see everything, and great parking.

Being silly in the capsule. My comment as we were crawling out..."I'm glad we did this before we got too much older or we might get stuck!"

While most of this excursion was for Patrick, I still enjoyed myself and even managed to luck into our special speaker talking about fabrics used on the shuttle! How great is that?!? She literally quilted a fabric that they put on the exterior for heat protection.

Happy PK!
Some astronaut photos to go with our yearly scarecrow pictures.

I love how happy Patrick looks in this picture. He had this grin on the entire day. Happily exploring it all and taking it all in...reading off facts along the way. 

 Do you see that HUGE nest? It is a bald eagle's nest and is the size of a king size bed! We often play the, "What was your favorite part of the day?" game in the car after a day adventure. This was my favorite part of the day! I thought it was amazing.

I might have to crop this picture of the mission control room sign for the upcoming basketball season! Isn't it funny the things that jump out at you? : )

Now, remember that rain I mentioned. Well, on the way back to our rental it was AWFUL. You couldn't see the road. It was frightening. I tried to keep my mind off of it and not freak out too much (poor Patrick). I can't show you this knitting project as it is a test knit for an upcoming kit. But, you can tell from this little snippet that the yarn is glorious and I used one of my birthday gifts from my SIL's family as a stitch marker. It is made from a shell. Isn't it cute? I ended up finishing the test knit and the Unique Sheep blanket on this vacay. I didn't get to work on my central park hoodie, so that is first up as we ease back to real life.

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