Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Florida Trip: Part I...the Afghan

You might have noticed that I went missing for a bit. We took a two+ week trip to Florida. We drove down over the first weekend and stayed in Marietta, Georgia the first night. What a lovely town. It felt so comfortable...historic but still modern. The next day, we drove the rest of the way to our rental home in Florida. Boy, we were super spoiled in the quality of the home!

I figured I would start out sharing our journey by showing you what I worked on during the drive down. One of my goals this summer is to finish my UFOs (Unique Sheep blanket, Babette afghan, PK's baseball sweater, and my Central Park Hoodie). After planning at all my crochet and knitting for the trip, I re-evaluated and decided to be realistic and cut the projects from 5-6 to a more manageable 3. In the days before leaving for FL, I finished crocheting the blocks of the Unique Sheep blanket and pieced a good portion of it together. During the drive, I finished the piecing and put on the border.

I LOVE IT!!! This was a project that I started years ago as part of the Unique Sheep crochet block of the month club. Each month you would receive a pattern with enough yarn to work two blocks. I stayed in the club for 1 year, meaning I had 24 blocks for my blanket. In the beginning, I was really diligent about crocheting both blocks as soon as the package arrived. Kept it up for 9 months, and then got sidetracked. So, I ended up making the last 6 the week before vacation. They were such fun little blocks to work on each month, and I got to try different stitches. I mainly joined this club to try new techniques, play with Unique Sheep yarn, and give up control of color (I'm really bad about only using solids/semi-solids). Mission accomplished!!!

For the edge, I took all my leftovers and crocheted around the entire blanket. There was not a pattern provided for this portion of the afghan, so I did my own thing. I first did a round of single crochet to set a base. I then did a two row pattern of double crochet on one row and then double crochet, chain, skip a stitch, and repeat for the other round. Be sure to put extra stitches in the corners so that they turn. I used a color until it ran out and then went to the next one. Sometimes that got me all the way around, sometimes not. I did put all of a color family in together to create a little color blocking. The finished edge added 3 inches on each side. The finished blanket turned out to be the perfect lap size.

This is my favorite block. I loved the colors and just found the pattern/yarn combo to be beautiful.

This was my favorite one to make. The popcorns were lots of fun. The yarn was also lovely.

I was SO glad that I took this project along. It was great to work on in the car and I ended up using the blanket every single day/night of the trip. The lightweight nature of the fingering weight yarn makes it an ideal afghan for air conditioned settings. I can't wait to get my other projects finished so I can use up some of my sock yarn stash making another blanket!

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