Thursday, July 5, 2012

Florida Trip: Part II...Feathered Friends and Foliage

The first morning of our weeks in Florida, Patrick was outside working and these feathered friends showed up. They became regular visitors of ours and for some reason one of them fixated on me. He would drop by and if I wasn't outside, he would walk off. If I was there, he would boldly come as close as he could and watch me for a long time. I told Patrick that it must be like going to the zoo...we were enclosed in a screen pool area and they were the free to roam around and watch us. I named my new friend Joe and the other guy Jamie.

Most of the first week was spent with Patrick working and me in the pool, so there was not a lot of picture taking (thank goodness)! We had a nice dinner with my aunt and uncle who live in the area. We saw 5 alligators swimming by while eating. Those things freak me out and there were several hit on I-75 right before we arrived. Can you imagine?!? Anyway, we scheduled the vacay around our 11th wedding anniversary, so our anniversary day was pretty planned out: farmer's market, Selby Gardens, Yoder's for lunch, some chill time, and sunset dinner on the beach. Well, a little witch named Debby started to rain on our parade! Yes, we can cross Ride Out a Tropical Storm from our bucket list. Luckily, we did get the market and gardens in prior to the rain. 

I loved the gardens. If you live in the Sarasota area and have never gone, you should. What a little treasure. Because the weather was predicted to be threatening that day, it was not crowded at all. I took lots of inspirational pictures to give my design senses a boost. 

These bucket plants that gather water and the little mouth looking ones that eat insects were very cool!

Loved the perfect little balanced details on this plant. It reminded me of the crocheted flower blocks I had just worked on. This was even one of the color combinations!

SO tall bamboo trees. They swayed and made this beautiful clicking sound. 

These were some, pardon my french, some crazy a$$ fish! Most of the visitors we saw, including us, stopped by the koi pond to feed the fish and ducks. So, you know that they eat well. Little piglets! They were fighting like mad to get their portions. One unsuspecting pre-teen boy innocently walked up to toss some food and the fish jumped out of the water and to his hand. He screached like a girl and jumped away. The ducks that live with the koi had their own little personalities. One of them used the fish as a launching pad and the other one was just annoyed and kept smacking them away. I fell in love with the color combinations of the koi. Such brilliant displays of red, orange, and yellow set against the contrast of the white and deep black. Of course, I kept thinking what a great colorway of yarn that would make!

There was a little stack of blocks that you put your head in. You hum notes and if you hit the correct one, you can feel your entire body vibrate.

One of my favorite pictures of Patrick from this trip. These trees were amazing. They grow roots from their limbs to support the weight as they grow. Basically, re-attaching to the ground when it needs to so that it can become massive.

I loved, loved, loved this tree. I just thought seeing the roots twist and turn was inspiring. Kind of like cables in a knit pattern, no? But more on that in a later post...

Crabby much?

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