Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yarn Swimming!

Later this summer we will be headed south for some pool and beach time and will get to swim in the water. For now, our knitting night turned into yarn swimming! Okay, we (or I...guess I shouldn't take the other girls down with me) were being silly during a shopping spree in a friend's de-stash of yarn. I jumped!

Then, after going through all of it and tossing it to each other with "This looks like you" or "Check this out. It would make a great blah blah blah," I sat in the chair with my picks to contemplate before a final purchase.

I ended up putting about 50% of it back, but not before grabbing up this nice little stash of stuff. I swear, I think it was about a quarter of full retail cost. There is still plenty of great yarns to be had if you live in the Indy area. Give me a shout and I can get you in touch with the ladies.

There are plans there for three new designs and made for purchase items. Of course, there are also a few projects for myself out of this pile of yarnie goodness. The Tart Madelinetosh is some of the lovely lace. Oh, what to make, what to make!

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