Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend and Mentos

We didn't do much for Memorial Day weekend this year, but we did get a short visit with Doug, Katie, and nephew A. The boys decided this was the perfect time to put the Easter mentos bucket to use.

The four boys studying up on what to do...notice Riley right there with them?

I played around with my new camera (house bday gift!). Love this one of A.

"What the heck are they doing up there?"

Checking out what the noodles do...

This photo captures total Kiki. The little purple ball is Baby. She has had Baby since she was a puppy. She LOVES it more than anything and it has held up better than any other dog toy. She gets really ticked when people take it from her and toss it. When she walks up with it in her mouth, she is usually wanting you to pet her but everybody always thinks she wants to play catch. That is when this attitude comes out!

A being a total kid. He specifically asked for these shots. 

Preparing for launch...
I tried to upload the videos but they are being stubborn. Regardless, it was a fun few hours of playing around with soda and candy!

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