Thursday, June 21, 2012

J & E Visit: Part II

As I was downloading some pictures of knitting/crochet projects, I found another round of photos from J & E's visit. These include the action shots of the Soap Mud project and a few other snapshots, so I thought I'd share.

I found this shot that Uncle Patrick caught while they were baking cookies. J was curious about Patrick's Star Wars cup. I can only imagine that conversation!

I used a cheese grater to turn three bars of soap into shredded soap. Then I let J pull apart the tp. He was a little confused by being told it was okay to rip it apart. (I hope Meg doesn't find rolls of tp torn up around the house now!) We only used about 20 squares for our give you an idea if you plan to whip this up.

J poured in the warm water using the watering can so that we avoided spills a bit better.

E really got into it. She played for about 25 minutes in the soap mud.

J decided that we needed to make Frosty out of it. 
Here is Soap Frosty with raisin eyes and a tomato for a hat. 

Her hair cracked me up! She looks like she is in total shock here. Love it!

Being a ham for the camera...

Napping with giraffe now that she was all fixed up...

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