Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy 11 & 2 Years!

Today is our 11 year wedding anniversary. It is also nephew R's 2nd birthday. Two special guys in my life!

Holding my blogging tradition for our anniversary, here are 11 things that I love about PK from the last year...

1. Every time I felt discouraged about designing he would tell me some encouraging words. Almost without fail, after a pep talk from him I would receive an acceptance letter or get a feature online. He is ALWAYS supportive of everything I do...and he's a good luck charm!

2. He loves both of our dogs, but he is a real sucker for our girl dog. I cannot count the number of times in the last 12 months that I've gone in to find her curled up in his lap while he curves his arms around her to keep typing on the computer. He turns from a grown man into a softie when she goes over to him. It is such a display of his kind heart.

3. There are lots of memories in the last year of Patrick with our nephews and niece. In honor of R's bday, I'll go with an example of Uncle Patrick with R. R has his own babble language and usually just chats to himself as he plays along. But when Uncle P is around, they will have full on conversations. They both will then toss their heads back in laughter like the best joke in the world was told. I love how he puts smiles on all of the kids faces.

4. I've been exposed to lots of guys who don't help around the house, follow traditional gender roles, complain about spending time with their wife/family. This is 100% NOT what PK is about. He is always there to help out with anything. I'm thankful every day for finding such a great guy. I mean THANK GOD!!!! I don't have the patience for the other attitudes!

5. Speaking of patience...Patrick is one of the most caring people I've ever known. He'll do anything for a friend. When I wanted to go be with a friend during her hubby's surgery, Patrick took the day off work and went to sit with us. And, it doesn't end with friends/family. He constantly helps strangers with a door or if they dropped something or helping an elderly lady stand up during a church service. She said it best, "You are a treasure." I couldn't agree more!

6. PK is a hard worker. He works a full time job with long hours, teaches a class at a university, and is a published author. In the last year he has written 2.5 books. More importantly than being a hard worker, the thing I've noticed in the last year is that he enjoys what he is doing right now. He's happy and I see the difference it makes in the lives of those with whom he works/teaches/communicates with. On top of making a difference at work, he knows how to leave work "at work" and have fun. I'm so proud of the accomplishments he has achieved over the past year, but I'm most proud that he is happy.

7. We laugh every single day. Bad days and good days...we laugh. One of my favorite memories of laughing in the last year was the crawfish party. He stopped on the way back from the remote office to Meg's house and bought all the decorations and eats. It was such a fun night.

8. This past year, Patrick has re-connected with his love of comics and science fiction...even writing a novel that is REALLY good. He is so incredibly dedicated to his passion of writing. Up early in the morning to write before work. Sticking to a rigorous schedule to achieve his writing dreams. I love his dedication and know that some day lots of people will fall in love with his fiction work. I enjoy reading his novels and seeing how our life influences surface in his characters.

9. Okay, this one isn't an event for just the 11th year, but oh your eyes!

10. We enjoy the fall weather of carving pumpkins and all that joy. I love how PK can play around like a kid. I hope that we always stay feeling and acting young...and taking silly self portraits.


And finally, a VERY happy birthday to nephew R. We love you more than words can say!

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