Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yard Work

Last weekend we spent Saturday working in the yard. Over the years, I've come to like taking care of my indoor plants. I cannot say the same for outside gardening. It is a despised part of the spring/summer that I otherwise love so much. Several years back I solved the front of the house issue...put in tons of tulips and hostas. That has worked out well for this lazy gardener! My tulips now come up in two staggered batches and while those are fading, my hostas grow in. Other than those nasty sticky plants, it is very easy to care for each year. $0 money spent on it this year--woohoo and goal met! (I do have some pansies on the front porch, but I can handle those. And, after a week of that I added some potted petunias and two hanging ferns.)

The back yard is a difficult section. It is the south side of the house and gets lots and lots of heavy light and heat. We had a small area next to the back patio where we had planted 5 shrubs when we first moved in. Then, I added two more, taller, bushes about 5 years later. The first 5 never got bigger and were just ugly. The other issue with this bed was that the dogs LOVED to run through the mulch (or eat it) and run inside. During a visit with Carol, I mentioned that I needed to weed that bed. That was when I thought, "Why don't I pull out those shrubs I hate and put down rock?" Two trips to Lowe's and lots of hurt muscles later, it is done. Simple and easy to care for--nothing to weed or replant.

Then there is the LARGE bed around the tree in the back yard. That stupid bed that I wish we had never put in. I had grand dreams of this bed having tons of gorgeous flowers that came back on their own each year. Yeah...that didn't work out. Everything I put there promptly burned up. Year after year I would toss money at it only to have it last for a few weeks and poop out. SO FRUSTRATING! Last year, I thought maybe it was getting too much shade for all these sunny plants. The tree had gotten a lot larger than years before, right? Tried hostas...epic fail. So...this year I went in with the idea of chicks and hens. I like how they look, they are heat and drought tolerant and are supposed to spread like mad and come back year after year. Water once a week...I can do that when mother nature doesn't. So, 28 plants and 4 different varieties later, we have a succulent garden around said tree. Here is hoping that they last and solve that location's issues.

This past weekend, I cleaned up another small bed I have in the yard. Put in a bunch of petunias and have one more bed to do. I even transplanted some loner plants that had popped up in the two beds I worked in last weekend. I hope that my muscles are a little easier on me this time! Last weekend was killer!

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