Friday, May 4, 2012

When Plants Attack

Last week I got taken out of the knitting game! It was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! One of the plants in the globe terrarium just never bounced back from the cold it experienced in shipping. So, as I was watering and pulling off dead leaves, I pulled the dead plant out of the globe and tossed it. About 90 seconds later I realized this was a mistake. My fingers started feeling like they had 100 little knives under the skin. I couldn't see anything and the plant looked like this one and didn't have anything to "stick" me least not to my eye. By the next morning, the pain was still there and my fingers were turning red and purple. They looked beaten up and THEN they started to swell. THEN, it started traveling to my other fingers and up my hand. After consulting the pharmacist, I put some medical cream on and drugged up for DAYS on Benadryl until it was mostly gone. The moment I didn't take Benadryl, they would puff back up. After four days, it was back to normal enough that I started knitting again. Unfortunately, that wasn't before I slept through knit night! Ugh...

Lessen learned...wear gloves no matter what the plant is!

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