Monday, May 14, 2012

Visit with the Fam

This past weekend we got in a visit with my side of the family. In celebration of Mother's Day and my Mom's birthday (same day this year), we had a little lunch and spent the day being entertained by R. He is at the non-stop age where you GO! With the camera on active speed, I got a few non-blurry shots!

I love this one...he has a concentration about him when he plays. It reminds me so much of Matt when he was little. And who doesn't love those big eyes of his!?!

Playing with Grandma

Aunt Gina has the camera on me!

I also received a very special card that I am sure will go in my memory box for ages. An aunt card for Mother's Day! Hallmark hit the mark with this new era of aunties. Genius marketing and I felt special. This little heart necklace was inside. I LOVE IT!

On another topic, this is my new shorter hair for summer. Another great cut from Diane at C Avery Salon!

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