Sunday, May 6, 2012

Central Park Hoodies

I've had the central park hoodie on my list of things to knit for years and years. As I was knitting the Molly Ringwald vest, I came across the CPH pattern in the same magazine issue. Thinking some cables sounded fun, I went to the yarn stash and pulled down a nice denim blue in Cascade 220 Heathers. This will be an ongoing project that I do while starting and completing other projects. My goal is to have it ready to wear in October.

After seeing a FB post about this, Katie fell in love with it and I have SO much of this color that I have enough to make her one for her birthday, too. We will be twins! I have until December to get that one done! I also noticed after loading this photo to FB that a lot of other knitters mentioned to me that they have all the yarn to make this, too. Maybe we should all try to knit as much as possible on it during the Olympics?!?

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