Wednesday, May 2, 2012


A few years ago I went to VA on a girl trip. My friend Nan took us to her childhood town and we visited with her stepfather. He had tons of birds in his yard and lots of little homes for them. He gifted each of us with a wooden bird house and I tossed it up in the back yard, put out some food, and planted a few more plants. To my surprise, the birds came in droves. We picked up another bird house at an art fair. The many bird families kept fighting (all year long!) over the houses. So, last year I asked Nan if she could wrangle a few more houses for me. Roy was very nice to make me a few more. I decided I would paint these some bright colors.

The bottom picture shows the original one. The birds keep knocking it crooked and I don't wan to disturb it while there are eggs in there! Can't wait for the new ones to dry so we can hang them up.

AND check out this picture that PK took with his iPhone! This is a little bird feeder swing. I complained all last year that the birds refused to eat the food I put in it. Guess they had other plans! Aren't the eggs beautiful? These little ones will come into the world in style!

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