Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last weekend, we went to a local art market to walk around and enjoy each other's company before PK had to travel on business. I loved seeing all the girl booths and had to pull myself away before I grabbed up too much! I did pick up a super cute dress for E for Christmas.

It was blazing hot! Our spring in Indiana has been more like, Summer Part I. (Not that I am complaining as I prefer warmer weather.) It has been in the 70s or more since early March, which is very abnormal. It didn't stop us from splitting the oh-so-not good for you but oh-so-yummy pork tenderloin that abounds in IN at any kind of fair.

Our big purchase of the day was a piece of art for the mantle. We love to support up-and-coming artists, especially ones who do something unique. That is how we met Atalaya. She is a "junk fairy," meaning that she was created from recycling old pieces. Isn't she adorable? The use of an old deck of cards to tell her story, which is also creative, is so ingenious.

This particular artist also has an Etsy store that you can all check out: 

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