Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Plaid Bag

Last week I had a sleepless night...okay 2 hours. Anyway, I typically try to stay off Etsy during these times to keep myself from insomnia shopping. It didn't work on that night! After snapping up a few patterns, I pulled some yarn out of my stash, picked up a matching color at the LYS, and started knitting The Plaid Bag. The original pattern calls for 6 colors, but I wanted to create a Burberry-inspired bag so I only used 4. I knitted it out of Cascade 220 on US 10.5 needles. The pattern is from Lavender Hill Knits.

Here is the bag with only the horizontal stripes knitted.

Here is the bag with the vertical stripes added.

I forgot how nice it was to work on a knit project in the round, on larger needles, and to be felted. Ahhhh...the freedom! The bag is constructed by knitting the bottom of the bag and then knitting the rest of it in the round. You knit the horizontal stripes and then crochet on the vertical ones. I followed the total number of rounds in the pattern, but created my own color changes. 

After felting...with both dogs checking it out! Leather handles from my stash are attached.

In addition to the handles, I put on a button, two snaps, and feet.

All finished and ready to carry my knitting projects!

Please note that I followed the original patterns instructions for the total number of horizontal stripes, but I did my own color combinations for both horizontal and vertical stripes. Do your own thing and create your own unique design!

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