Monday, April 9, 2012

A Little Easter and A Little Photo Shoot: Part I

This past weekend, we traveled to PK's family home to get together with the entire Kanouse clan. It was both a celebration of E's birthday and Easter. Meg and I added a little photo shoot on the end with Miss E. She was SUCH a good sport about it, too!

I didn't get many pictures of the first half of the day, but I did get J modeling his sister's Tinkerbell glasses. Doesn't he look like, "I'm cool!" ?  Just wait...there is more to come!

E is modeling her headband and flower to go with a little summer outfit we got her (not pictured here). Can I say I have a blast shopping for a girl! She will probably hate pink and all things girlie!

Snapshot of how the blue in his shirt brought out his eyes. 

Carefully watching everybody as we ready to hunt eggs...

This little sequence CRACKED ME UP! 

Pretty girl...

 I didn't manage to get many pictures of A this visit. (Bad Aunt Gina!) On the positive note, I think this was because we were chatting with each other and I just didn't grab the camera. It's nice to be able to sit and have a conversation with a nephew. I guess this means he is getting older, too. But we stay the same age! We did get him a funny card (total boy humor from Uncle P.) and a mentos kit to blow up soda. Uncle, dad, and nephew are planning a cookout in our backyard to put it all to good use!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part is full of knits!!!!!!

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