Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Terrariums

As promised in Sunday's post, here are the terrarium pictures! I love how each one looked different and shows the individual personalities of my friends.

Kristy's is so cute! She went with one little plant and a cover on her container.
When doing this, make sure you select on that will sit below the cover. Love it!!! 

Lori's is green and with lots of interesting texture on the plants, which plays nicely against the pebble topping she selected. Love the round shape, too.

Carol went with a beach look. At first, she was hesitant about if she liked it. After adding the moss ball, it all fell into place. If you are making one and feel like it doesn't look finished, keep adding to it. It's just like a painting, you can layer onto it and take off of it until you are happy. Notice Carol's jazz hands!

Tonya's was adorable!!! Although I loved all of them, I think her terrarium was my favorite. The shape of the glass combined with her selections just really worked well. Nice use of color with the rocks, too!

Christina also went with a circular container. Her plant size variation and texture was great and looks SO good next to the moss topping. I really like the moss as a topper and plan to do up one with the leftover plants! Christina also plans to have her little son participate in caring for the plants by putting the ice cubes around the plants to water them. How fun for him!

Nancy's is full of interesting layers and texture, as well. 
I think she should add a little reptile sunning itself on the rocks!

I ended up over buying on the number of plants, so I have a bunch left. I'll be making my own additional terrariums over the next week. Well, those that Patrick doesn't steal to make his own! He informed me the other day that he envisions his office full of them!

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