Sunday, March 4, 2012

Terrarium Party

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the family room thinking about how much fun Patrick and I had putting together terrariums. I was also thinking that I missed seeing various friends. Tada...the terrarium party was born. After finding a date a that would work for the majority, I headed to eVite to send out the invitation and started my planning.

We had SO MUCH FUN! During the party, one of the ladies suggested that I post on the blog how I put the party together in case others want to host one. So, here we go!

As mentioned earlier, I used eVite for the invitation. In today's world of social media and email, it was the better choice. Fast, free, easy to use, and it tracks your responses.

I used all my spring/summer dishes to create a spring/garden theme.

Next up, I called up my local nursery to see if they would still have all the terrarium supplies in stock within a week of the party. They assured me they would. (I will admit that I still went one week prior to the party to purchase the supplies so that I had time to hunt them down if necessary. Nightmares of hosting a party with no plants ran through my brain!)

Having put together terrariums at said local nursery, I knew the steps involved so I typed them up and then printed them on scrapbook paper from my paper stash. I then cut those down to size and cut some stash card stock to a slightly larger size. After punching holes in the top, I threaded ribbon through to hold the pieces together. It gave it a nice spring feel to the instructions and each participant was able to take the card home in case they want to make more terrariums.

On the invitation, I asked each lady to bring their own glass container. You can find these at Michaels/Hobby Lobby/Goodwill/etc. I even made one using a brandy glass. If the container is an interesting shape, it will work.

I arranged a table in the corner with the plants, instructions, and plastic gloves. This was the first stop as they selected one to three plants or succulents/cacti. Inside one of the plants was a WINNER tag, which served to announce who won the "door prize"-- a pretty glass mister bottle. It was the first plant picked!

Then, we moved to the long table with all the goodies laid out. One big bucket contained plant soil and pebbles and the other the succulent soil and pebbles. The middle bowls housed moss, sand, and charcoal. I spread decorative items (rocks, glass gems, shells, moss, etc) around all the bowls. (If you look at the earlier picture, it provides instructions on how to use each of these components.)

Don't forget to set out a mist bottle, paper towels, and some trash bags.

One of the items I didn't mention on the instruction card is that you can use artist brushes to clean up any sand/soil/etc that gets on the plants as you work. I displayed these and plastic spoons in two flower vases on the work table. Also be sure to lay around lots of plastic cups to make pouring easier. Between the cups and spoons, most people were able to work around the plants.

As a take home, each woman was given a card with instructions on how to care for their terrarium. I attached these to a plastic bag (with a hole in it) that contained an air plant. I ordered the air plants via Etsy as the prices were better. The care card also told them how to care for their new air plant...such amazing plants!

Of course, we also had some yummy food and drinks in the dining room. I whipped up a little knitted scarf as the centerpiece for the table to carry on the green garden theme.

Tune in on Tuesday to see the results of the party. I took a picture of each person's terrarium as they finished them up!


Meg said...

What a FUN IDEA!!!!!

Christina Wall said...

It was soooo much fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You put so much thought into the details - it was just such a delight to attend! thank you so much, Gina!