Sunday, March 25, 2012

Knitter Organization

When I was at the dentist and all drugged up, I apparently asked Patrick to look into high quality but low priced portable scanners. One of my goals for 2012 is to get all my patterns, papers, photos, etc organized and on my iPad. I had no recollection of asking PK about this at the dentist, but he took it for real and I'm super glad he did! We found a really great option and I have been gradually scanning and getting rid of hard copy items.

I started with single patterns. All were scanned in and put into folders by content. The scanner lets you save items as either jpeg/tiffs or PDFs. I LOVE having all my patterns in PDF format to use on my iPad or iPhone and not having to worry about all the papers I used to have to take in my knitting bag.

Next up, I started going through magazines. The thing I found most interesting about this portion of the process is how my taste has changed. Wow. I look at things now and think, "Why the heck did I think that was attractive?" I am scanning in only the patterns from magazines that I think I might eventually make. This also means that I can get rid of all the BULK and WEIGHT so that we don't have to pay movers next spring to carry these along!

After magazines, I switched over to photos. We have several electronic frames and I love how many photos you can put on these and the fact that you get to enjoy pictures you haven't looked at in years. Not to mention that many of the printed photos have a musty smell to them. Good to get rid of those smelly things! The side effect of this process? Remembering how beautiful the places are that we have traveled and wanting to go back to all of them now!!!! : )

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