Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yarn Dog

Last Friday I was in a cast on mood so I grabbed a ball of stash yarn, found a pattern that would serve as a shawl or a table runner, and started to hand wind the yarn. Now, I have a ball winder and swift but every now and then I find it fun to roll the yarn by hand. I find it especially enjoyable when the yarn is various colors because you get to enjoy the beauty while you wind it.

Now...I joined a gym which means that I get out of the house most days of the week now. My littlest dog HATES this new habit. When I get home she is glued to So, she curled up in my lap and didn't move while I balled up the 400 yards of yarn.

Then, there was the day that I was working on my computer and she got in this position....


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