Friday, February 10, 2012


So my plant obsession and goal for 2012 is continuing on in full force. So far, so good. With a few hiccups here and there, most of our new inhabitants are doing well. I discovered that my allergies do not take kindly to the paper whites. If only I found this out before buying the second round of bulbs, but at least they are dirt cheap. I have figured out who likes watered through and who like water from the saucer bowl. And, I have even gotten PK excited about the plants.

Last week he was gone on a business trip and I stopped into our nursery and picked up a plant that he really liked the last time we went there. It is a ponytail palm and it is sitting in his office now so he can enjoy it throughout the day.

I, of course, had to rescue one of the save me plants in the back (a little jade plant) and didn't like the pot options. When PK got back and realized this, he suggested we try another nursery. Then, I found out that he really wanted to go because it had a terrarium bar. (I had suggested a terrarium as a Valentine's day option instead of normal flowers and he had been looking at them and become intrigued.) Off we went and it was so much fun! He went for an asian theme and I went for sand and succulents. I think they really show off our personalities so much.

Mine also has an air plant in it. Aren't these cool!?! No soil, just air!!! You mist them instead of watering them like a traditional plant.

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