Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Little Science Man...

This year for Valentine's Day I had hopes of making something for each of the nephews and E. Well, best laid plans. I've been battling daily migraines from the spring-like weather and they put a real damper on the creativity and patience. So, I managed to create the car mat for R, but the hat and leg warmer combo for E fell through. I didn't like the yarn I selected, I didn't like the pattern, I didn't like anything about them after I got them going. So, I went girl shopping with Katie, instead. We enjoyed going down the pink girl section WAY too much. (On a side note, it was very funny to hear us discussing A's gift. Doug and Patrick have trained us very well about the "best" super heros and villans and who just "sucks" and they never liked.)

Anyway, that left J and he spends lots of time with his mommy doing creative things, so I turned to Etsy for his gift. I was super excited to find a little science kit he can do with mom and dad while little sister is sleeping or with the other parent. The kit comes complete with a journal for them to record their findings (so cute!). He can see what is magnetic and what is not, try to put water in the spots with a dropper, track the weather with the stickers showing different clouds/sun/rain/etc, figure out what sinks or floats, and on and on. Such a cute idea that I only wish I lived closer so I could do some of the experiments with him!

The kit is for sale on Etsy from TimeforTots.

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