Monday, February 6, 2012

Felted Mat for R

When we visited my youngest nephew on Christmas day, he was obsessed with toy cars. It reminded me so much of how his dad used to play when he was little. Off in his own imagination, making little car noises, and rolling the cars along any surface he could reach. Nicki mentioned that she wanted to get him a car mat and I volunteered to make him one. I had been looking at them on Pinterest and a friend had made a small one for her little boy. Off I went to Hobby Lobby to buy felt and glue sticks.

The overview: I used 2 yards of dark green felt and lots of little sheets of colored felt papers.

I wanted to customize it to R, so I put the school he lives behind and his house. I tried to re-create poor Hank, the dog, but he looks more like a fat bunny!

A track around some water with some standard city buildings along the way, complete with a parking lot.

Grandma's house at the end of the road...

A little construction zone to play with bulldozers...

Aunt Gina and Uncle Patrick's house with our IU flag out front!

I hope that he gets many hours of play out of it. If you plan on making one, here are a few suggestions:

1. I free-hand cut all of the pieces. I thought it made it more child-like.
2. Get lots of BRIGHT colors to use for the houses and such.
3. Lay out all the pieces first and then glue down.
4. I used low temp glue so I didn't burn my fingers, well, not as bad as with the high temp!
5. Be creative and involve a guy. Patrick was very involved in this project. He would walk by and say, "It needs a ... or maybe do the road over here..."

So, for Valentine's Day 2012, this is my "hug in the mail" to R. Love you!!!

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