Sunday, January 22, 2012

Welcome Home, Little Plants!

This past weekend we were out and about and decided to stop in our local nursery on our way home. It is in a very convenient location as it is at the start of the road to our house. They had a sign up advertising their house plant sale of 30 to 70% off. Excellent! After looking around for a bit and peppering the helpful staff with questions, I settled on these four new additions to our home.

Norfolk Pine...I wanted to get one of these after noticing my MIL and a friends. I also wanted a tall tree like plant for the corner of the plant room (commonly called Riley's room in our home as he loves to sleep in there). Isn't it pretty?

Aloe plant...reminds me of ones my mom, grandma, and great aunt had when I was a kid.

Hoya plant...This will probably be known in our house as Kennedy's plant. After I bragged on the blog that the dogs show zero interest in the plants, that little stinker went crazy sniffing this plant. It is listed on the ASPCA site as safe for dogs, so at least she picked a safe one to find intriguing. I love the curly nature of this plant.

Ming fern...Wispy and fun!

I also found out that the plant I couldn't identify earlier is a hypoestes. Mystery solved!!! I was told they are sometimes called the polka dot plant. The nice lady was also able to confirm I correctly identified all the other plants I have. I was all proud of myself! She gave me a quick air plant tutorial and I can't wait to put one of those together and a terrarium. Dropped a hint to PK that those would be great Valentine's gifts that are pretty cheap, too! We also picked up a few bulbs to try some paper whites. These are in the warmest and sunniest spot in PK's office to force them to bloom. Then they will be our kitchen table centerpiece. 

What are your favorite house plants? I'm working on building a jungle!!!! But, it sure helps to pass the cold winter days...

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