Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Little Sister!

Back in March I blogged about making the Little Sister Dress/Vest. It was one of the items in Miss E's stocking, so I finally get to share a picture of her modeling it. She is 9 months in this picture, so I was right on with the original post that said even though I used the 6 month instructions, I was a little off on gauge and thought it would be more like 9 months. I love that because it buttons at the top, it can be a dress for a bit and then worn as a top as she grows. 

Don't you just love her fuzzy hair?!?

Pattern: Little Sister (free download in Ravelry); not my design
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Sock in Milled Wine
US Needle: 3
Size: Followed 6 month directions but it is more of a 9 to 12 month size

From the original post: I started this on a Tuesday at knit night and finished by lunch on Thursday. I was really tight on yarn, so I used my handy dandy yarn scale to measure of how much I had left. I figured it took 3 yards to knit one row and the bottom. In fingering weight yarn, 1 gram is 4.4 yards. So, as I worked I knew exactly how many rows I could squeak out. If you don't have a yarn scale, I highly suggest investing in one. Santa purchased mine from Knit Picks. It measures in both grams and ounces and has a conversion on the back to help you figure out the yardage per yarn weight. So nice to have!

When I first finished the Little Sister it was the same size as the Sock to Frock dress. Then, I blocked them both, and you can see how much longer the Sock dress grew in the skirt area due to the ribbing. I thought I'd include the layered picture to show how much of a difference blocking can make!

Back to the Little Sister pattern...this is a great concept because the little girl can wear it as a dress and then when they grow up a bit, wear it as a vest. I used some silk buttons from my button stash. They don't match perfectly in color, but I liked that because it added character and depth. I'm also on a mission to use some of these buttons I've collected so that I can buy more!!!

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