Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Day

After crashing on Christmas Eve from that day's celebrations, we got up early (but it wasn't yet bright)! We exchanged our gifts for each other and then rushed to get ready and on the road. We drove down to my brother's house and enjoyed some more yummy food prepared by my SIL. I felt both guilty and relieved that we weren't asked to bring anything. So nice of them to prepare everything. We all got some good laughs out of watching R play with his new toys and jibber jabber as a baby does. He has just started walking, so that was exciting to watch, too.

This picture was PERFET timing as he was walking by Patrick and randomly looked up and let out a scream of delight.

Aunt Gina got to play horses for a bit...


A little blurry but cute all the same...

R really enjoyed Uncle Patrick on this visit. He would give him high fives and Patrick would talk to him in his language...blabber blabber...R would toss his head back and laugh like they had just shared the best joke ever. It was so adorable. Nicki, Matt, and I weren't in on the joke, but we found it funny just the same.

After leaving we swung by to leave some flowers for my grandma on her grave. I was happy to see how many others were at the church to remember their loved ones, too. We drove home and had grandma's dumplings to end off the day. (Well, on the way home I treated Patrick to all the twangy country music I could find on my iPod. We laughed ourselves silly singing "Friends in Low Places" and "The Gambler." I had NO idea PK could sing that low!)

It was such a nice holiday season and we get to do it all again in January to round out seeing the Magnussons. I'm thankful for the few weeks break to recover!

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