Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving: Part I the Cooking

This year Patrick and I took on cooking a large portion of the Kanouse family Thanksgiving dinner. Being in Martha mode that week, I decided to get creative with a few dishes. While PK cooked the turkey and cornish game hens, I worked on the vegetable tray and stuffing. I found the vegetable idea on, you guessed it, Pinterest. The muffin cup stuffing idea was something I saw for a different side dish and thought it might work well with stuffing.

I used raisins for the eyes instead of black beans. I also didn't soak the legs in water. Instead, I cut them as instructed and then I broke the toes to get them to curl. The true test was when I asked our almost 3-year-old nephew what it was and he said, "a turkey" right away. 

There are two different stuffings that I like to make. One is my mom's oyster dressing and the other is a recipe from a former co-worker. PK and I will have the oyster one for our Christmas day meal, so I went with the other one for Thanksgiving. You toast the bread and tear it apart, add some raisins, cooked celery in butter, some carnation condensed milk, broth, and bake it. I cut down on the bake time because they were in muffin tin. Even with reheating them after the transport to my  MIL's house, they were still very moist, but not mushy. Best dressing result I've ever made! I baked them without the foil cups and then put them in the cups as they cooled. We did reheat them in the oven in the foil cups.

We also made yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy from scratch, and pinwheel appetizers with ham/cream cheese/green onion/olives/mayo/in tortilla rolls. We were also pleased with the selection of wine we went to three stores to track down as it went SO well with the Thanksgiving meal--red Malvasia Don Bosco. With the dishes made by my SIL and the pumpkin roll from my MIL, we were all stuffed. Jack illustrates...

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