Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reflections on a Year Gone By: 2011

It's unbelievable that 2011 is done and gone. I remember in the 80s when 2011 sounded like some far fetched idea you would see as futuristic in the movies. In a flash it was here and, although there are a lot of advances, we weren't invaded by aliens or flying in our cars. So what will I remember from 2011?

1. We added Ella Bella to our family in April. She is such a precious little one and fits right into our hearts with Aidan, Jack, and Raleigh. I was both thrilled to have a little girl to spoil with pink and frill and terrified because I had become very used to being an aunt to boys and treasure them!

2. Probably the biggest change for me personally came just days before E's birth. I resigned my corporate job to take the plunge into staying at home and working on Brownie Knits full time. I also switched from teaching to making and designing. This was a tremendous change for me in so many different ways. I missed the interaction with my work friends a great deal, but didn't miss the going into the office and some of the down sides that go with it. I missed the extra cash, but I adjusted fast and learned to use up that stash I've been building for years. I miss (and still do) leaving the house more than on the weekends, but I'm concentrated on the fact that a potential move to Florida in the next two years would make that a lot easier. :) I LOVE being able to knit and crochet each and every day as much or as little as I want. I am forever grateful to Patrick for his love and support of my dream. (Picture was taken during one of my first days after resignation and I love that I look so relaxed already! It was like a weight was lifted and I had already managed to finish up writing the Ella sack pattern, which turned into my best-selling pattern.)

3. This time last year, PK was wrapping up writing a technical book. We went into it with pretty wide open eyes having working in the industry for over 30 years combined. Boy were we surprised when the thing took off like wild fire. It hit bestseller lists and I have a picture of it on the bestseller shelf between Stieg Larsson and Bethenny Frankel. PK went on to write a second edition midway through the year. I'm so super proud of him.

4. Because of all the other changes in our life, we didn't get to travel much this year, which is unusual for us--a definite negative that I hope to remedy in 2012. We did sneak in a trip to my dad's side of the family in September to Ashley's wedding. It was great to see everybody and enjoy the day.

5. A week prior to that trip, PK had to work in the Glenview office so I invited us to my SIL's house for a few days and then we went over to Chicago for a night. I think I will always remember this trip when I think of 2011. I had so much fun hanging out with Meg, playing with Jack, and cuddling with Ella. It was great fun when Pete and Patrick would get home and how will we ever forget the crayfish party!?! What a blast!

I'm sure I have forgotten so many special things to record here, but these were the 5 that jumped at me first. (Now as I add photos to this post, I'm remembering HUGE things I forgot to mention: Easter egg hunt with  Jack, Bloomington visits with my brother/Raleigh/Nicki, a trip to the zoo with Raleigh, dinners with Aidan/Doug/Katie, walks with Katie in the spring, getting accepted to Knit Picks for 3 designs, Raleigh's 1st birthday party, Aidan's football game, lake with the gang, knitting days with the girls, and on and on...thank goodness for pictures!)

Sure, there are some "bad" things from the year, but who wants to live in the bad past!?! Not me...onto to 2012 we go with good thoughts of 2011 to spur us along.

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