Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ella's Stocking is FINISHED

It's done! IT's done! IT'S DONE!!!! The stocking is all finished, blocked, and even already stuffed for delivery. I think it is my favorite one that I made, but maybe that is just because of the number of hours I put into it...

Victorian Stocking pattern knitted on 0 and 2 needles with sock-weight yarn. Used crochet hook to place on the beads. This picture doesn't really show it well, but the cream yarn has glitter in it. The teal yarn is Ella Rae, which I thought was cute because the stocking is for Ella. Although the Latvian braid was a little frustrating because of the twisting of the yarns, it was well worth it and a fun technique that you don't get to do very often. The result is also very pretty.

The toe portion was interesting to complete. The designer did a great job of incorporating the fair isle look into the decreases. (For those of you who are looking to make the stocking, I placed the K2tog decreases into the solid white sections in the middle of the toe chart. Also be careful to put in on the right or left side of that section as there are both used to keep the fair isle going.)

A closer look at the top section including the Latvian braid.

The heel was an interesting construction, as well. It is knitted flat and then the underside of the heel is put together using the kitchener stitch. Be sure to knit the first stitch of each heel row with both colors held together. When you pick up the stitches later to knit the foot, it really does make it sturdy and seamless.

Overall, the pattern was one of the best thought out designs I've ever used. She thought of everything! My alterations were really ones out of being lazy or worried about having enough yarn: I left off the very last row of the beads because they were close to the end and I was trying to wrap up the project before bed; I didn't knit the inside lining at the top because I was using stash yarn and didn't have enough total. I blocked the heck out of the top and it lays fine without the lining.

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