Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Progress on a Stocking

In between house updates, I have been working on some Christmas gifts and Ella's stocking. When Ella was born in April I thought, "I have all this time before Christmas that I should do that stocking I've been looking at for ages." Well, you guessed it. Here I am in November and the darn thing still isn't complete. However, I am making lots of progress and finally made it past all the fair isle and beading. This pattern has it all...

  • Fair isle (round and flat)
  • Beading
  • Latvian braid
  • Size 2 and 0 needles
  • Sock weight yarn
I was overheard saying that I was glad this was the last niece or nephew stocking since it is burning me out. (I'm sure if a surprise came along I would instantly be game again!) is beautiful!!! And, it is from stash yarn and beads!

Pattern: Victorian Christmas Stocking by Donna Kay (Knitting Daily pattern store)
Yarn: Ella Rae is the teal and Sterling is the cream with silver threads
Needles: US 2 and 0
Beading: I am using seed beads with a crochet hook (because the pattern is written to use beads pre-strung on the yarn, so you would place the beads on the following row if using the crochet hook method).

I'm off to knit my remaining 5.5 inches on the foot before working the toe. Hope I have enough yardage!

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Silvia M. said...

Oh my, it's gorgeous! It's such intricate work, looks awesome. :)