Friday, November 18, 2011 Bag

As much as I love bags and purses, I was never much of a small knitting project kind of girl. Then, I started working from home 100% on the knitting business. I found that I used my Keep Calm and Carry Yarn small project bag to death. It is perfect for carting around the house as I move from room to room throughout the day. I can toss my notions, yarn, and needles in there and head downstairs or up to the studio. On the rare occasion when I do head out of the house, I can toss it in my purse or in the car seat and I'm off.

The poor thing has seen better days. It is still usable, but it needs some down time to draw out the life span. So, I came across this little number and it matches my purses and 1 knitting bag that I kept in my recent bag destash. It has a fabric (almost sweatshirt like) lining and the outside is like a faux leather print. The combination keeps my needles and scissors from coming through the fabric, which can sometimes happen with my other project bag. The pulls for closure are great and 100% secure so I don't have to worry about it coming open in my purse.

Although small in size, it fits a lot! I put three full skeins of sock yarn into it for the above picture (about 1500 yards). Here is a picture of the tag in case you want to check out the other options. I believe this one is a newer design, so they may have other new releases that you haven't come across yet in your LYS.

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