Sunday, November 13, 2011

Freshen Up

In addition to some fixes here and there, we have been updating flooring and paint. My yarn studio got a face lift, as did the bathrooms. I love that everything looks and feels fresh and clean now.

The yarn studio...all organized and cozy.

Patrick's bath...he even let me toss in a little pink in the shower curtain. What a secure guy!

My new bathroom floor courtesy of my hubby. So much better! 

I went for a clean and white hotel feel. The only color is my needlecraft project from 1st grade and a matching daisy painted soap dispenser. Ahh.......

Okay, here is a HUGE pet peeve I developed over the last year. I HATE towel bars. The stupid things don't stay on the wall right and I got so tired of fighting them. No more towel bars in this house! We went with hooks everywhere. Mine are the straight ones pictured here. I put some curly fun ones in PK's bathroom. AND, I mean I put them in!!! All empowered by all my newly found toolkit skills.

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