Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Card Display

After making my Christmas tree skirt, I had some leftover materials. I grabbed a $1.99 piece of thick poster board and my leftovers from the skirt and the K wreath I made. Hot glued some batting and fabric around the poster board and made a little silver bow with the red berries. Tada...a Christmas card display board. I plan to pin cards to them as they arrive in the mail.

The hardest part of the entire thing was getting it hung up. We used little silver picture hangers that you just push into the back of the board. Getting them just right to hang on the existing nails in the wall was a trial. It took longer to do that than it did to make the entire thing!!! For this project, the K wreath, and the tree skirt I used a low temperature glue stick. I highly recommend this so that you cut down on burnt fingers. I was surprised by how much of a difference they made from the normal to high temperature ones.

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