Friday, September 9, 2011

When Yarn Shops Attack

Or maybe that should be when I attack a yarn shop! Okay...I know that I have some LYS that are not far from me. However, I haven't developed the same comfort yet to just go hang out just yet. So, I don't frequent a standing shop that often and instead head to the Internet more than ever before. After we left my SIL/BIL's house, we went for a overnight in Chicago. I seized the opportunity to swing into a few yarn shops. The lack of buying yarn for over two months was all I could take and I ended up getting some treasures.

First up was Wool & Company in St. Charles. I have to say that I LOVED this store in Geneva. The atmosphere and location had such a great vibe. I was worried when it moved that I wouldn't find it as charming. Judging by the bill, it is just fine! And, I really liked the St. Charles area. There was a little consignment shop down the street with great deals and the ladies were such fun (and can you say vintage high end designer handbags for GREAT prices?) The little gem store next door had fantastic pieces and the art shop was full of interest. We will stop there again, I'm sure.

After talking on the drive over about how I am going to thin out my purse collection and sell them off, what did I do? Picked up this kit to knit a purse? Complete with handle and bottom. I think it will knit up fast and is a great color for fall/winter.

This will become a project for Ella that Meg and I picked out. I can't wait to get it started!!!!!

Next up, we mapped out the drive to Loop Yarns. I've wanted to visit this shop for years and was excited all week about the visit. My goal...finally buying 2 pairs of Signature Needles. I plan to knit with them this week and will let you know my view, but I imagine it will line up with all the other stellar reviews. Loopy also had yarns that I hadn't seen before, which is what I love most about going to various LYS. 

Anzula Hand Dyed Yarn Cricket
5 sts = 1 inch on US 5
Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon
1 Red Shoe
250 yards

Alisha Goes Around Marmalade of Ponies Lace
950 yards
13 to 8 sts = 1 inch
US 0 to 6 needles
Plan: Design a new shawl

Swans Island Organic Merino Yarns
8 sts = 1 inch US 3
Plan: Not a clue, but it was pretty!

Really liked the set up of this shop and all that it had to offer. It was also great to see men in the shop and a large variety of age groups. If I lived in Chicago, this would be my go to shop, hands down.

Now the down side...the yarn shop that DID attack. We stayed in the area later on Sunday JUST so that I could check out one more shop in the area that didn't open until noon. We drove north, out of our way to get there. The set up was beautiful. The yarn was all high-end and good quality stuff. However, I left without buying a single thing. As a matter of fact, I put things back that I really wanted because of the absolutely rude owner. She was bothered when we asked for a particular yarn for which she had a shop sample prominently displayed. "Oh, we don't have that anymore and it is discontinued." (BTW: It is NOT discontinued.) I asked if she would be willing to sell the shop sample. Her reply was you couldn't afford it. (Note that I had MORE than that in my hand to buy already.) Then she went on to chat with her friends. I was so pissed. No matter what business you are in, you should never treat your customers with assumptions, bad service, and disrespect. I am showing her 1000% more respect by not naming her store here. 

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