Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Yes. I. Really. Posted. That.

I am not much of a football fan. Enjoyed going to games in high school, but after that it was all over and I NEVER liked watching it on TV. BUT...there are three little boys in this world who can get me to watch football. You guessed it. My oldest nephew is in a youth football league and who can turn that down!?!

So, Saturday morning off we went to a little school nestled in a corn field. (Insert all your Indiana jokes here.) We really had fun watching the boys interact with each other and we had more than a few chuckles at the coaches trying desperately to keep the attention focused on the game at hand. At one point there were at least four players off the field over the by the stands. A coach gathered them all up and said, "We can't coach you off the field." Off they went...

Pre-game...go 77!

Post-game huddle

A did a great job! He had a few really good kicks and when he was on defense he held off two players at the same time. When I asked him at dinner if that was tough his reply was, "I stayed on my feet, didn't I?" HA! Those kids didn't move him an inch. Great job, A!

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