Sunday, July 31, 2011

Start Your Engines...Sewing Machines!

The other day my nephew Jack popped into my head. I kept thinking about him all day. Recently, his mommy told me that he has become attached to some of his toys from Cars. I just so happened to see a "sewing for idiots" type of project with Cars on it. So, I went for it.

As an aunt, I also feel SUPER guilty because Jack's bad dream state that all children have, involves the dreaming child from a book that I gave him. Ugh. I know all kids have something that frightens them at night, but I still feel awful for introducing it into his life. (Although he did read the book for months on end before he fixated on one of the characters.) SO...I thought making him some pillows with Cars on them might help me, um Jack, feel better.

Kiki had to check them out...
I did cheat and, instead of hand-stitching the pillows closed with a whip stitch as instructed, I tossed the final few inches under the sewing machine and finished them off that way. I like that he has some different shaped pillows now that he can use wherever he goes. Aunt Gina loves you, Jack!

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