Saturday, July 2, 2011

Beaded Bracelet

For my birthday, I received a super cute knit beaded bracelet kit from Tonia. I hadn't discovered this treasure for myself yet and was thrilled to get it!

Knitters who have tried knitted jewelry before, don't run away scared. I HATED my first, second, and third time trying to knit jewelry. BUT, those were all with wire. These kits from EarthFaire are very different. They use a relatively soft metallic yarn and don't hurt your hands at all! I am so excited to have this realm of creativity opened back up.

I knitted this bracelet in just under two hours. Because you pull the beads up as you use them and snug them between stitches, the bead work is fast and easy. The pre-stringing of the beads is a snap with the floss tool that comes withe kit. And the best part is that the hook parts simply require you to weave the yarn through it verses more complex ones that bring in dreaded sewing!

Love it!

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