Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cross Stitch

Do you ever get bored with your knitting or crochet? Ever feel like something different? Before I knitted, I used to cross stitch a lot. My aunts and grandmother love to do it and I was addicted for many years. My problem was that I enjoyed doing the projects, but didn't like the look on the wall. The ones I found myself hanging up all the time were the holiday ones and one or two in the kitchen area. But, I missed it. I hadn't done it in about 5 years!

As a birthday gift to myself this year (because you should always give yourself a gift!), I purchased supplies for a 5x5 cross stitch. There is one for each season and they have more of a modern look. I always thought the Lizzie Kate ones were the best. I figured it will take me all year to complete the four and then I can swap them in for 3 month stretches in the kitchen.

My knitting has influenced my cross stitching...I had to have the good thread!!!! Anybody know of some cute knitting-themed cross stitch projects? I thought about doing one for the studio.

(If you live in the Indianapolis area, the cross stitch store called Needle Fever has started classes and sit-n-stitch times. If anybody wants to go to one, I'd be interested.)

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Silvia M. said...

I have those 4 seasons Lizzie Kate patterns and even got the special buttons to sew on. Maybe I'll make mine too. :)