Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Crochet Flower Crochet Along?

After receiving my lovely Anthropologie crocheted throw, I decided to break out some cotton, a crochet hook, and flower books. I am using this project to explore all those flower design books I have collected over the years. The plan:
  • Crochet up tons of flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Attach the flowers together with a lace lattice.
  • Square off the overall throw and put on a border.
I don't plan to write this up as a pattern, but you don't really need one! Freeform it all the way! Anybody want to join me? I'm using a size H hook and Cotton Classic yarn. If I get a least 5 interested, I'll set it up as a CAL in Ravelry on my board and we can share our experiences.


Amy_DZ said...

I'll join! This is my first time finding your blog. We just choose which ever flowers and make a bunch? Or will you be providing patterns for us to follow along?

Brownie Knits said...

Hi Amy! I'm going to see if I can gather some other participants in FB/Rav/face to face. After I get some interest, I'll start posting on here about the project and set up a Rav board. I was thinking we could offer suggestions of existing patterns to each other, post pictures of our work, etc. I also plan to post a few of my own flower patterns for the group. It might be fun to do a flower swap, too!

Brownie Knits said...

Okay, I decided to just go for it. There is a group in Ravelry named antrho throw crochet along. I hope you can join me there. If you aren't a Ravelry member, you can join for free. However, you can also follow along on the blog. :)

busy91 said...

I'm going to give it a whirl as well. I'm following here and on Rav.