Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Year Older...Sort Of...

This past week I celebrated another birthday. I have to admit that most of the last year I unintentionally aged myself by 1 year. So, this year, I really stayed the same age. It has become a running joke at our house that I will now always be this age.

I was blessed with some very thoughtful gifts from knitter friends and PK. Wanted to share a few of them here as I thought you all might find them interesting, too.

Gorgeous pattern books! Knits Men Want is a unique little book. The beautiful photography from the great Jared Flood shows off the knits that men REALLY will want and wear. PK loved the cover sweater and just about all of the ones inside, too. The book is structured to provide tons of options. You decide what your stitches per inch is and the size you want to make and then follow along in the pattern for those two variables. This means hundreds of options! I may never have to buy another adult male sweater pattern again! I have some Cascade 220 Superwash to make the baseball sweater on the front and the simple pullover with buttons will be knitted out of some Portland Tweed. Those sweaters will be on the needles soon so that PK can wear them this fall/winter.

The Little Crochet book is full of cute projects to make for Ella. There is even a little bonnet-style hat that I plan to make up very soon. With only 10-15 rounds, that one should fly off the hook! Along with this book, I received some super cute buttons and stitch markers. Don't you just love the little pink poodles?

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