Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

Over Easter we took a trip up to see my SIL and her family. This was our first time meeting Ella and, as always, Jack is so much fun. He's attached to his uncles right now, so it is boy time! PK and Jack played horse and hung out.

 Uncle Patrick holding Ella for the first time.

Jack and I were laughing and yelling, "Cheese!" Ella didn't care at all...

Ella's first outing to the Easter egg hunt.

Pete helped Jack find the candy for, for Jack. :)

Check out this cool hat! I thought it was really fun and reminded me of the yoke of Shalom. I didn't see anything in Rav, online, or in my books so I'm going to sit down and write my own creation. There are few adjustments I'll make, too. Wouldn't Eco wool be great for this?!?

After several days she finally opened her eyes!

This was my favorite picture from the weekend. So cute.

It was a really nice trip and so good to visit with Meg and Pete. I hope they are getting some sleep. We clearly aren't used to be around kids as we crashed both nights and when when we got home went to bed early and slept longer hours than normal!

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Enid said...

Ella is gorgeous!!!!